9/2/2020: Safe Return to In-Person Worship

As we prepare for our return to in-person church worship, we will be following the safety guidelines adopted by Session last month. You can read them here [LINK].
The Safety Guidelines require making reservations to attend in-person church (livestreaming will always be offered), and practicing social distancing, mask wearing, and good hand hygiene. They also require safety monitors to assist with safe entry into the building. This safety monitor role requires five (5) congregant volunteers each Sunday to: maintain a socially distanced entry line to the church, conduct a temperature check, a wellness survey, and collect worshipper information for contact tracing, administer hand sanitizer to all who enter, and lead worshippers to designated spaces in the pews.
If you are willing to serve as a safety monitor/usher, please sign up here [LINK] and indicate which Sundays you can serve.
We do not recommend people over age 60, or anyone with health conditions that increase vulnerability to COVID-19, participate in-person as a safety monitor or worshipping congregant. We will livestream all worship services so you can participate online each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at www.lacny.org.
Be safe, and stay well.
In God’s Love,
Interim Pastor, Larchmont Avenue Church