COVID Safety

In response to the recent lifting of many of the New York state COVID-19 restrictions, the elders of LAC have revisited the safety protocols we have had in place here at the church. At the March 2022 session meeting, the following key changes to our worship and building use policies were made:

  1. We Can Sing Again! One of the most cherished experiences of worship is the joining of our voices in praise to God. We have all missed this shared blessing over the past year, and we are thrilled that the way is now clear for us to restore the practice of sung responses and congregational song.
  2. Masks Are Still Required for Unvaccinated or not fully Boosted Individuals. Folks who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19–based on the most recent CDC guidelines–may choose to remove their masks during worship or fellowship gatherings.
  3. Capacity Limits Have Been Removed and Ushers May Use Discretion to Seat Folks. We have removed the ribbons blocking off every other pew, and have empowered our ushers to seat families in such a way to encourage some social distancing, while also welcoming more community members to participate in worship. For events where we anticipate high attendance (Christmas, Easter, and other special services), overflow seating will be made available in Russell Hall where folks who appreciate having more space to spread out may follow along via livestream.
  4. Lord’s Supper. Until further notice, the sacrament shall continue to be served via individual bread and juice servings pre-packaged and distributed upon entry.
  5. Coffee Hour and Refreshments Have Returned! Session has approved Coffee Service for fellowship gatherings!

The session believes that these changes represent reasoned, appropriate, and well-timed steps to take as we try to maintain a worship experience that is both safe and meaningful. We give our thanks to God for the hopeful progress we are seeing in our own neighborhoods as the vaccines do the work they are intended to do. However, we also ask that the community of LAC will continue in fervent prayer for the billions of people around the world who are still suffering under the deadly cloud of this virus. May God’s grace and healing power be felt wherever it is needed most.


Blessings and peace,