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by credit or debit card transaction or automatic deduction from your checking or savings account

(In the “Select a Fund” drop-down menu select “Donate” if you wish to make a general contribution to the Church or “Fulfill My Pledge” to fulfill your pledge.  Use the “optional memo” field if you wish your contribution applied to a past or future year pledge or notify our Church Bookkeeper at

Your gift to Larchmont Avenue Church is greatly appreciated!  It is a gift to the Lord to support our Church in worship, learning, service and many other forms of ministry. As our culture continues toward a more cashless society, LAC wants to provide you the convenience of contributing electronically.  You may make a one-time contribution, or set up a recurring contribution weekly, monthly or quarterly.

We have taken the proper care to ensure your transactions are safe and secure. The secure link will take you to ACS Technologies, the company that provides LAC’s accounting system, and Vanco their merchant services partner.  Your credit card or bank information will be retained by Vanco, and not within LAC.


Stewardship for 2024

“It is God who gives the growth!” (1 Cor. 3:7). As a faith community, LAC is grateful to be growing! Like a farming community that is tending to the garden, we all have roles to play. Some are called to plant seeds, others offer water, others excel at harvesting and sharing the bounty with others. But in all of these things we know that it is God who brings it all together and lets us thrive. It is God who gives the growth.

As we seek to continue “Growing through Community and Faith,” we hope you will keep offering the best of yourselves to our attempts to honor Christ in our ministries…

We need your time.  We need your energy.  We need your skills and talents.

And we need your financial support.

As we all grow together in faith, hope, and love, we hope and pray that you will continue to invest the best of yourselves to the mission and ministries of Larchmont Avenue Church!

To provide your 2024 intended gift amount, please click on the Advise Gift Now tab above. There are many ways to provide your gift. Thank you for your commitment and support!

Larchmont Avenue Church Stewardship Committee

Ways to Give

We encourage you to consider the various ways you can give:

Online GiftMake an online contribution

Cash: While our COVID procedures currently prevent passing an offering plate, you may still submit a cash offering on your way out of worship–look for the near the Usher Station. For pledge envelopes, please contact Gloria Haq, Church Bookkeeper, at or 914.834.1800 x130 or use an offering envelope in pew rack.

Check: Checks may be made payable to Larchmont Avenue Church and submitted during offering or mailed / dropped off to church office.

Credit/Debit Card: Please click here or contact Gloria Haq, Church Bookkeeper at or 914.834.1800 x310.

Gift of Appreciated Securities via Broker to Broker Transfer: 

1.  Notify your broker asking him/her to transfer your securities by broker transfer:

  • For stocks, deliver to DTC 0062 and for mutual funds DTC 5772 to account 19808646 at Vanguard Brokerage Services for Larchmont Avenue Church
  • Be sure to let the Church Finance Office know you have transferred these securities to the Church Account.  Otherwise, the transfer comes through with no name attached to the securities. It might take some time to credit your account, if the Finance Office is not notified of your gift.
  • If this is going to be your pledge, indicate a pledge of securities on your pledge card to ensure proper credit.

2.  If you need further information, you can call Vanguard Brokerage Services at 800 284-7245.

For assistance, please contact Gloria Haq, Church Bookkeeper at or 914.834.1800 x310.

IRA: For individuals age 70 1⁄2 , there may be opportunities to make a qualified distribution from your IRA. Please contact your IRA custodian to discuss.

Employer Matching Gifts: Your employer may offer matching gift opportunities for your gifts to Larchmont Avenue Church. Please contact your employer to learn more.

Donor Advised Fund:  If you have a donor advised fund (DAF) below is a free and easy-to-use online application that enables DAF donors to initiate a grant recommendation from LAC’s website, making it easier for you to give from your DAF.

Other Considerations

The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society: In addition to your thoughtful pledge, we encourage you to consider making a testament of faith through a bequest in your will, retirement plan or living trust. Bequests can live on in perpetuity providing enduring support for Larchmont Avenue Church. To learn more, please contact Chris Templeman at 914.844.7279, Scott Meador at 914.287.4744 or Church Bookkeeper Gloria Haq,, at 914.834.1800 x310.

2024 Gift Estimate

Indicating Your 2024 Gift Intention Online Is Easy!

We encourage members of our Congregation to indicate their intended gift at the beginning of our planning process each year, in early November. We are thankful that many members of LAC have had a tradition of providing generous financial support, but indicating your gift intentions allow us to prepare the annual budget for LAC and plan programs and activities for the coming year. We encourage newcomers, new members and those whose financial plans become settled to provide their gift intention at any point throughout the year.

You can provide your intended gift by completing the form below, or by contacting our Church Bookkeeper at or (914) 834-1800 ext. 310.

Thank you for your commitment to support LAC’s ministry and mission through your gift. Gifts by faithful and committed supporters such as you are essential to maintain LAC’s programs at current levels and enable our officers and Trustees to plan the budget for the Church year.


Planned Giving

Planned Giving

God calls us to make wise and faithful choices about the use and disposition of our property. By planning our future gifts now, we are graciously responding to the blessings in our lives, reflecting our faith that we will continue to recognize God’s generosity. Planned gifts create a vision of abundance for the church of the future, empowering its mission to continue long after we are gone.

Click here to view the options for Planning Giving.

Emily Lindsley Legacy Society

Planned Gifts: The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society

We all, regardless of age, consider the legacies we wish to leave to our families, loved ones and the institutions we value.   Bequests, charitable trusts and other planned gifts can play an important role in the life of Larchmont Avenue Church and ensure that it will continue to meet its important mission in the future.

In addition, a planned gift can help advance your own financial, philanthropic and estate planning goals.  Planned gifts can give back to you income, capital gains, or estate tax savings.  Some can provide income for you or loved ones for life.  And the financial advantages often allow a gift more generous than you imagined, letting you leave a legacy that reflects your goals and values.

We have formed The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society as a way of honoring those who include Larchmont Avenue Church in their gift and estate plans.  Named for Emily Lindsley whose vision and commitment led to the founding of this Church, the Society provides an opportunity to record the intent of our donors and a means to express our appreciation for their generosity.

Membership involves no obligations or solicitations but is offered to recognize you for the plans you have made to support the ministries and programs of Larchmont Avenue Church.  Your participation helps to inspire generosity in others.   Anyone can become a member of the Legacy Society, regardless of amount committed. Spouses of donors are automatically included as Legacy Society members.

To join The Emily Lindsley Legacy society, please fill out the online membership form below or click here for printable form.  If you are interested in discussing leaving Larchmont Avenue Church in your estate plans or for information about The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society recognizing long term gifts to LAC, please contact our Church Bookkeeper Gloria Haq at 914-834-1800 ext. 310 or, and a member of our Planned Giving Committee will contact you.  Information concerning numerous planned giving strategies that may suit your current needs or estate objectives can also be found here.

Emily Lindsley Legacy Society Membership Form

The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society recognizes members who have made a commitment in their estate plan to provide enduring support for Larchmont Avenue Church and its ministry to future generations.

As evidence of our/my desire to provide a planned gift in support of Larchmont Avenue Church, we/I hereby inform the church that we/I have made a provision for a planned gift. We/I understand that this commitment is revocable and can be modified by us/me at any time.