Christian Education for Lifelong Learners

A Learning Church: Expanding Knowledge and Deepening Faith

Christian Education is not just for kids! The capacity to grow is lifelong and our Church is a place where we can derive support and encouragement from others, try to make sense of our life experiences, and learn the meaning that our lives can have.

Through the efforts of our pastor and the Adult Education Committee, Larchmont Avenue Church (LAC) offers various opportunities for adults to expand their knowledge and deepen their faith through Bible study, a book group, topical programs and more.

Fall 2022

The Men’s Bible Study will continue to meet on alternating Thursdays at 8:30 a.m., and is pleased to return to in-person meetings in the Lindsley Room! To confirm the next meeting date please send us a note!

Once a month, Rev. Bynum will offer an adult education series titled: “minor prophets/MAJOR PROBLEMS,” a chance to explore some of the lesser known prophets and discuss how their words of caution and calls for justice resonate with us today. The series will begin on October 9th with Joel and the problem of War.