10/22/2020: Goodbye with Gratitude

Dear LAC family:
It has been an honor to serve as your interim Pastor these last two years. This Sunday will be my last one preaching to you in worship. My interim contract comes to a close at month’s end. As I announced last week, I will be joining the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township on November 15th as their installed Sr. Pastor/Head of Staff. The new installed Pastor for LAC is still being discerned, but good progress is being made by our PNC each week as they choose their nominee.
On Tuesday night, Session approved several measures to facilitate the smooth transition of worship leadership, pastoral care, staff leadership, and preschool governance. These measures involve all the church membership working together to check in with each other as good neighbors and friends, to volunteer to prepare the weekly worship bulletin and liturgy [sign up here] as support for our weekly guest preachers, and to communicate with the church office [LACoffice@lacny.org] when there is a pastoral emergency (illness, death, or critical care needs) so the Presbytery can provide support. I encourage you all to use this transitional time as a way to strengthen your connections with one another in preparation for the arrival of the new installed Pastor.
Here is the worship schedule for this fall and winter:


  • November 1: All Saints Day service, Rev. John Miller preaching. LAC bulletin maker: Ernest Wong.
  • November 8: Success Sunday – Stewardship Pledge Sunday. Stewardship committee preaching. LAC bulletin maker: Greg Hawkins.
  • November 15: Mission Sunday – Church & Society Committee preaching. LAC bulletin maker: Kim Larsen and Clark Morehouse.
  • November 22: Presbyter Sunday, General Presbyter Deb Milcarek preaching. LAC bulletin maker: Ernest Wong.
  • November 29: Advent 1, Rev. Jed Koball preaching. LAC bulletin maker: Patty Towle.
  • December 6: Advent 2, Rev. Jed Koball preaching. LAC bulletin maker: filled.
  • December 13: Advent 3, Liturgical dancer Candace Tabbs. LAC bulletin maker: ______________.
  • December 20: Lessons and Carols. Douglas Kostner, directing. LAC bulletin maker: Ann Hitchings.
  • December 24: Christmas Eve Service. Rev. Jed Koball preaching. LAC bulletin maker: filled.
  • December Christmas Pageant: Ekama Eni. LAC bulletin maker:________.
  • December 27th: Sunday after Christmas, Rabbi Jeff Sirkman, invited. LAC bulletin maker: Arthur Washington.
January and February preaching: Rev. Daniel Yang and Rev. Jed Koball will cover the Sunday preaching slots. We will need congregants to assist in preparing the liturgy and bulletin preparation for each of these Sundays.
With this program in place, I am confident that LAC will maintain a stable and welcoming church presence for our worshipping community. Thank you for all you do for Christ’s church and for your gracious kindness to me over these last two years of my interim ministry at LAC.
With love,
Interim Pastor, Larchmont Avenue Church