10/13/2020: Thank You, LAC!

Dear LAC Family:
It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve as your interim minister for these past two
years. I have been honored to work beside you in ministry, lead you in worship, and dream with you about the future of LAC. But I write to you today to share my happy news that I have now received a calling to serve another congregation.
On Sunday, the congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, a 750-
member church in western New Jersey, elected me to be their installed Senior Pastor/Head of
Staff. The church in Chatham, known as PCCT, values traditional reformed worship, has a
strong associate minister, music staff, preschool, and significant administrative team. Its focus
on family and mission drives its ministries. I am thrilled to be joining them as their Pastor.
Being installed means having tenure as a Pastor – not having to say goodbye after a two-
year term as interim, but staying on, moving in, integrating with the church family, and
accompanying the members of the congregation on their life journeys. This has always been my ministry dream. The congregation in Chatham is excited to have me join them for the long-term, and I am so pleased. I will begin my ministry there on November 15th. My interim contract here at LAC ends this month. My last Sunday with you will be on October 25th in the sanctuary.
Now I begin the sad task of saying goodbye to all of you at LAC. While we all knew I
would be leaving soon, especially as our Pastor Nominating Committee is now so close to
electing a nominee to be LAC’s installed pastor, it is still difficult to leave you. You have been
generous and kind to me and welcoming from the very beginning. I am so thankful for all of you and grateful to God for our last two years together.
The role of interim is a difficult one – it is not the minister who comes to be loved, but
rather the one who comes to heal and reveal, to take down and build up, and above all, to prepare the terrain to be smooth and life-giving for the installed pastor to follow. I have applied all my energy to accomplish this work for you. I feel confident that LAC is ready to thrive.
As I leave you at the end of this month, I will hold you close in my heart as the church
that makes bold plans and sees them through. You are the first LAC generation who welcomed a woman to lead you. You are the ones who acted responsibly in repairing and preserving your
beautiful campus properties. You help your neighbors in need with food and clothing and love.
You combat climate change. You made welcoming the centerpiece of your outreach message.
You love sacred music. You nurture the children. You care for one another.
Your faithfulness to God and integrity as a church family will bear much good fruit. I am
so grateful to all of you for your dedication to one another and to Christ’s mission for our greater community. I will always remember you at LAC as the congregation that was generous with its gifts and willing to help others, even, and most essentially, in a time of pandemic.I leave you at month’s end with an exceptionally excellent staff, stream-lined and high-
performing. I leave you structurally sound as to your governance boards, your ministry
connections, and your Presbytery relationship. And I leave you with gratitude for our time
together, and for your allowing me to share with you God’s Word from the pulpit each Sunday
with a message of love, hope, and kindness.
God is making for you a new beginning and a bright future. I wish you well.

Yours in Christ,
Interim Pastor, Larchmont Avenue Church