12/23/2020: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, LAC!

On Christmas Eve, Larchmont Avenue Church will offer two opportunities for virtual worship:

  • 5PM Pageant Encore: For little ones who need to be in bed early, we will have a second screening of our Christmas Pageant, complete with candle-lighting (or glow-stick snapping!)
  • 8PM Traditional Service: LAC’s Traditional Christmas Eve Service will begin with a special Musical Prelude at 7:45 PM. Please join us for festive music, a sermon from Rev. Jed Koball, and grab a few candles to join us in sharing the love of Christ! Download your bulletin here: [LINK]

This Christmas, may hope be born anew for you; may you be an agent of God’s peace in our community; may joy bubble up as a song that transforms your heart; and may you share the love of God with everyone you meet.

With Joy,
Your LAC Worship Team

Another Opportunity for Contemplation

Even in this unusual Christmas season, the Holy Spirit is at work not only within us, but also within our Church. LAC’s Elders have arranged for special lighting to illuminate the sanctuary windows showing the nativity scene so that all may experience the spirit through art and feel connected to our physical church home while we continue to worship online.
You are invited, starting after sunset on Christmas Eve through January 6, to walk, drive, bike, or skate by the Forest Park side of LAC to view the illuminated crèche scene. You can recreate the tradition of our candlelight service by bringing your own candles to light, and singing a verse of Silent Night as you glimpse Jesus in the manger. We hope this joyful sight will fill you with peace and hope, serving as a reminder that while we cannot be together in our glorious sanctuary, we remain connected with one another.
Photographed by Robert Fertitta

12/16/2021: A Virtual Christmas Pageant!

Greetings LAC Family,
As expected, this season of Advent is chugging right along and Christmas is only a week and a half away. While some of our regular traditions of this time of year have had to be set aside, others will remain, though maybe in different ways. In that light, it is such a joy that the beloved Christmas pageant will make the LAC airwaves this Sunday!
It’s been quite a fun week getting to both hear and see some giggles as filming for this year’s Christmas pageant commenced. Our incredible director Brittany Beaver worked diligently to edit our production for these digital times. As always, shout out to all of the stars of our production as well as parents (who’ve become expert film producers, videographers, and costume designers) for your excitement and diligence over this worshipful project!
Please join us at 10am on Sunday for this year’s Christmas pageant and carols service. We are so so excited by the hard work and enthusiasm of some our youngest members with you all.  On Christmas Eve, we will offer a special encore screening of the pageant at 5:00 p.m. for little ones who may not be able to stay awake through our traditional service at 8:00 p.m.
Ekama Eni
Interim Director of Youth and Family Ministries