03/03/2021: Intergenerational Bible Study

Dear LAC,
Thank you to all who participated in our first round of Stories from the Wilderness! Last Sunday, we read through some of Exodus and met Miriam and the Israelites as they begin their journey into the wilderness. This week we will meet Jephthah’s daughter in Judges 11:29-40!  If you missed our first session, you are more than welcome to join when you are able for our INTERGENERATIONAL journey of (re)discovering some of the lesser told stories from the wilderness found in our Bible. Inspired by SHIFT’s question “What is that doing in the Bible?” we will gather via Zoom (1:30 PM) to read, learn and discuss some of these difficult texts and take a deeper dive in the many wildernesses that we encounter not only in the bible, but perhaps also in our world today. Due to the violent nature of some of these texts we will be engaging with, we ask that any middle schoolers who will be attending MUST bring a parent.