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Midnight Run Participation Welcome

Every 6 weeks, on Saturday nights, LAC partners with the Larchmont Temple to send 6 cars loaded with clothing, toiletries, bag lunches and soup to Manhattan to distribute these much needed supplies to our homeless friends who live on the street.


  • Sorting clothing in Russell Hall 4pm-6pm on the day of a Run
  • Preparing soup or lunches at your home and dropping them at LAC for distribution on the day of the Run
  • Going into NYC to deliver the food and clothing as a driver or passenger.

Contact coordinators Jim or Greg to get your name on the Midnight Run distribution. They will send updates before each run. You can email them with how you would like to participate.


  • Young kids can sort clothes 4-6pm and make lunches for the midnight run.
  • Volunteers of all ages can assist with sorting clothes & making soup and lunches.
  • Volunteers who travel to NYC must be minimum of 13 years old. Drivers must be 21 years old and must have a senior drivers license.

Times Needed

  • On the day of the Run volunteers of all ages meet in Russell Hall from 4 to 6PM to sort clothing and prepare for the Run. Volunteers also arrive during the afternoon to deliver soup and bagged lunches, which they have prepared in their homes.

  • Those going on the Run, reconvene at 8:30 PM to load cars with supplies and head to NYC. We return to Larchmont at approximately 1AM.

LAC Coordinators

Last Published: November 20, 2015 9:02 PM