About LAC

What's Your Story?

This year's Stewardship Campaign is dedicated to your story, which is a vital part of the narrative of Larchmont Avenue Church.  We'd like to use this year's Stewardship campaign to learn more about you. 

Please share your story with us by emailing MyStoryAtLAC@gmail.com.  Through sharing our stories we gain perspective and insight about our individual identities and the identity of this church community.  Our collective story brings us together, it tells the story of Larchmont Avenue Church: where we've been, and where we will be going.  And we come to appreciate our connection to "The Story" of God and God's people. 

Annual Giving Campaign 2014 - Click for Brochure

Please review the 2014 Stewardship brochure (click image below) which explains LAC's Financial Story.


We hope that you will be encouraged about the rich community we share.  And we request that, understanding LAC's financial need, you make your pledge to support the mission of our church. Pledges enable us to plan our budget for 2014 and assure we are able to maintain our programs and services.  To pledge you may:

  • Pledge online
  • Contact our Church Bookkeeper at mbee@lacny.org or call her at 914-834-1800 x310, or 
  • Submit the pledge card included in our stewardship package.
STEWARDSHIP is how we use our God-given gifts; it is how we use our talents, our time, and our treasure; it is the way we use all our resources to carry on Christ's work of reconciliation in the world. We thank you for your interest in supporting LAC and its work.
Contributions to Support Church Operations

LAC's most pressing need is funds to support our continuing operations and maintain our programs. Like almost all Churches, LAC is sustained by the generous gifts provided by our Congregation and friends which are needed to maintain our ministry, worship, music, Christian education, benevolence and service programs, as well as to sustain the operations of our Church home at the corner of Larchmont Avenue and Forest Park in Larchmont NY.

Stewardship gifts are needed and welcome at any time, including through the offering plate that is a core part of our Christian worship, online giving, special gifts or annual pledges.

The budget for our Church is developed annually by the Board of Trustees, and reviewed by the Session.  The Trustees and staff have been strong stewards of our funds. LAC’s programs and benevolence continue to grow thanks to your generous support. However, the ongoing costs associated with maintaining our Church continue to rise, with program, fuel and insurance costs all increasing.


Please Pledge

We encourage members of our Congregation to indicate their support in the form of a Pledge at the beginning of the planning process each year.  We are thankful that many members of LAC have had a tradition of providing generous financial support, but Pledges allow us to prepare the annual budget for LAC and plan programs and activities for the coming year.

LAC conducts an Annual Giving campaign in the fall of each year to gather Pledges for the next calendar year. However, we encourage newcomers, new members and those whose financial plans become settled to provide Pledges at any point throughout the year.

To pledge you may:

  • Pledge online
  • Contact our Church Bookkeeper at mbee@lacny.org or call her at 914-834-1800 x310, or  
  • Submit the pledge card included in our stewardship package.