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2015 Annual Giving Campaign


“Still another seed falls on good soil. It came up, grew, and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.”
- Mark 4:8

“Seed the Future” is the theme for the 2015 LAC Stewardship Campaign. Each of us can plant seeds today, that will create a more fulfilling tomorrow. During our Campaign, we will be sharing ideas on ways we can plant seeds for:

Ourselves: Everyday, each of us can make a conscious decision to plant a positive seed in our lives. God calls each of us to do what He has planted in our hearts. If we take the time to search our heart, we will find opportunity and direction in our lives. It’s our job to activate these positive seeds so they take root and blossom.

Others: We can actively plant seeds that will benefit others. This may include making newcomers feel welcome, volunteering, helping a neighbor in need, or offering forgiveness or recognition. By being good to others, we are planting the seeds of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Larchmont Avenue Church: We can each help Larchmont Avenue Church by sharing our time, talent and treasure. Our time can be shared by ushering, teaching Sunday school, and participating in mission work. Our talents can be shared by joining a committee, the choir, Trustees, Sessions or Deacons. And our treasure can be shared through thoughtful stewardship. These examples name just a few opportunities to give back.

In the attached brochure, you will find stories from people in our church who have planted positive seeds. Our hope is that you will be inspired by the impact that their involvement has had in their lives, in the lives of others and life of Larchmont Avenue Church.

The generosity of our congregation generates the revenue essential to support the operating costs of Larchmont Avenue Church. Since LAC does not have a formal dues structure, pledging is a critical financial component that allows the Church to effectively budget so as to main- tain the programs and ministries of our Church.

Please Pledge Now online, send in the pledge card or email Marjorie Bee our Church Bookkeeper at mbee@lacny.org

STEWARDSHIP is how we use our God-given gifts; it is how we use our talents, our time, and our treasure; it is the way we use all our resources to carry on Christ's work of reconciliation in the world. We thank you for your interest in supporting LAC and its work.
Contributions to Support Church Operations

LAC's most pressing need is funds to support our continuing operations and maintain our programs. Like almost all Churches, LAC is sustained by the generous gifts provided by our Congregation and friends which are needed to maintain our ministry, worship, music, Christian education, benevolence and service programs, as well as to sustain the operations of our Church home at the corner of Larchmont Avenue and Forest Park in Larchmont NY.

Stewardship gifts are needed and welcome at any time, including through the offering plate that is a core part of our Christian worship, online giving, special gifts or annual pledges.

The budget for our Church is developed annually by the Board of Trustees, and reviewed by the Session.  The Trustees and staff have been strong stewards of our funds. LAC’s programs and benevolence continue to grow thanks to your generous support. However, the ongoing costs associated with maintaining our Church continue to rise, with program, fuel and insurance costs all increasing.


Please Pledge

We encourage members of our Congregation to indicate their support in the form of a Pledge at the beginning of the planning process each year.  We are thankful that many members of LAC have had a tradition of providing generous financial support, but Pledges allow us to prepare the annual budget for LAC and plan programs and activities for the coming year.

LAC conducts an Annual Giving campaign in the fall of each year to gather Pledges for the next calendar year. However, we encourage newcomers, new members and those whose financial plans become settled to provide Pledges at any point throughout the year.

To pledge you may:

  • Pledge online
  • Contact our Church Bookkeeper at mbee@lacny.org or call her at 914-834-1800 x310, or  
  • Submit the pledge card included in our stewardship package.
The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society

The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society

We all, regardless of age, consider the legacies we wish to leave to our families, loved ones and the institutions we value.   Bequests, charitable trusts and other planned gifts can play an important role in the life of Larchmont Avenue Church and ensure that it will continue to meet its important mission in the future. 

In addition, a planned gift can help advance your own financial, philanthropic and estate planning goals.  Planned gifts can give back to you income, capital gains, or estate tax savings.  Some can provide income for you or loved ones for life.  And the financial advantages often allow a gift more generous than you imagined, letting you leave a legacy that reflects your goals and values. 

Membership in The Emily Lindsley Legacy SocietyEmily Lindsley

We have formed The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society as a way of honoring those who include Larchmont Avenue Church in their gift and estate plans.  Named for Emily Lindsley whose vision and commitment led to the founding of this Church, the Society provides an opportunity to record the intent of our donors and a means to express our appreciation for their generosity.  

Membership involves no obligations or solicitations but is offered to recognize you for the plans you have made to support the ministries and programs of Larchmont Avenue Church.  Your participation helps to inspire generosity in others.   Anyone can become a member of the Legacy Society, regardless of amount committed. Spouses of donors are automatically included as Legacy Society members.

Find out more about planned giving to LAC

To join The Emily Lindsley Legacy society, please click here for a membership form.  If you are interested in discussing leaving Larchmont Avenue Church in your estate plans or for information about The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society recognizing long term gifts to LAC, please contact our Church Bookkeeper Marjorie Bee at 914-834-1800 ext. 310 or mbee@lacny.org, and a member of our Planned Giving Committee will contact you.  Information concerning numerous planned giving strategies that may suit your current needs or estate objectives can also be found here.