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Spirit of Participation: Together, We Can Do This

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There is something for everyone at Larchmont Avenue Church (LAC) including the countless individuals and organizations in the wider community whom we support. We welcome everyone – and we exclude no-one.

For some, LAC is seeing friends and the familiar embrace of Sunday service. For others, it is the peace and participation found in its extensive music programming. For many families, it is a safe place to bring up children and young adults supported by Sunday School and Youth Ministry. And for others still, it is a place of both practical and spiritual connection – participating in one of many volunteer activities in the community. And so much more…

This is the spirit of inclusion, participation and welcome we seek to express in our 2020 Stewardship Campaign – the critically important task of ensuring we raise the operating funds necessary for LAC to support itself and our mission.

By way of context, notwithstanding incredible generosity of our members and friends, recent budget appeals have not funded the full operating budget for LAC. As such, we are asking for your prayerful and generous response to the 2020 appeal – so that we can fully fund existing programs - and avoid cuts. Pledging enables LAC to set a budget for the year, manage our resources and fulfill our mission. 

Last year the average pledge was $5600 but every pledge - small or large – is essential in helping us meet our goal! Interestingly, the average Presbyterian pledge nationally is 2-3% and this level of giving would make a big difference for LAC in meeting our local budget goals.

If you regularly pledge to LAC, thank you very much.  If you have not pledged, please consider doing so. We are seeking to secure pledges by Sunday, November 24, 2019. Members of the Committee will be available to answer all questions about the 2020 campaign; and thank you!

To make your 2020 pledge, please fill out the form below, return the pledge card that you receive in the mail or use one of the pledge cards that are located in the pew racks at the Church - or simply call our Bookkeeper, Gloria Haq at 914-834-1800 ext. 310.

Many thanks for your commitment and support!

Larchmont Avenue Church Stewardship Committee

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Ways to Satisfy Your Pledge

We encourage you to consider the various ways you can satisfy your pledge.

Online PledgeMake your pledge

Online GiftMake an online contribution

Cash: Cash can be donated during Sunday service during the offering. For pledge envelopes, please contact Gloria Haq, Church Bookkeeper, at ghaq@lacny.org or 914.834.1800 x130 or use an offering envelope in pew rack.

Check: Checks may be made payable to Larchmont Avenue Church and submitted during offering or mailed / dropped off to church office.

Credit Card: Please visit lacny.org/givenow or contact Gloria Haq, Church Bookkeeper at ghaq@lacny.org or 914.834.1800 x130 for a stock transfer instructions.

Donate Stock via Broker to Broker Transfer: 

1.  Notify your broker asking him/her to transfer your securities by broker transfer:


  1. For stocks, deliver to DTC 0062 and for mutual funds DTC 5772 to account 19808646 at Vanguard Brokerage Services for Larchmont Avenue Church


  1. Be sure to let the Church Finance Office know you have transferred these securities to the Church Account.  Otherwise, the transfer comes through with no name attached to the securities. It might take some time to credit your account, if the Finance Office is not notified of your gift.


  1. If this is going to be your pledge, indicate a pledge of securities on your pledge card to ensure proper credit.

2.  If you need further information, you can call Vanguard Brokerage Services at 800 284-7245.

Gift of Appreciated Securities: Please contact Gloria Haq, Church Bookkeeper at ghaq@lacny.org or 914.834.1800 x310.

IRA: For individuals age 70 1⁄2 , there may be opportunities to make a qualiffed distribution from your IRA. Please contact your IRA custodian to discuss.

Employer Matching Gifts: Your employer may offer matching gift opportunities for your gifts to Larchmont Avenue Church. Please contact your employer to learn more. 

Donor Advised Fund:  If you have a donor advised fund (DAF) below is a free and easy-to-use online application that enables DAF donors to initiate a grant recommendation from LAC's website, making it easier for you to give from your DAF.

Other Considerations

The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society: In addition to your thoughtful pledge, we encourage you to consider one nal testament of faith through a bequest in your will, retirement plan or living trust that provides enduring support for Larchmont Avenue Church. To learn more, please contact Chris Templeman at 914.844.7279, Scott Meador at 914.287.4744 or Church Bookkeeper Gloria Haq, ghaq@lacny.org, at 914.834.1800 x310. 


Supporting LAC & Its Work

STEWARDSHIP is how we use our God-given gifts; it is how we use our talents, our time, and our treasure; it is the way we use all our resources to carry on Christ's work of reconciliation in the world. 

Stewardship gifts are needed and welcome at any time, including through the offering plate that is a core part of our Christian worship, online giving, special gifts or annual pledges.

The budget for our Church is developed annually by the Board of Trustees, and reviewed by the Session.  The Trustees and staff have been strong stewards of our funds. LAC’s programs and benevolence continue to grow thanks to your generous support. However, the ongoing costs associated with maintaining our Church continue to rise, with program, fuel and insurance costs all increasing.