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Making A Pledge Online Is Easy!

We encourage members of our Congregation to indicate their support in the form of a Pledge at the beginning of the planning process each year.  We are thankful that many members of LAC have had a tradition of providing generous financial support, but Pledges allow us to prepare the annual budget for LAC and plan programs and activities for the coming year. We encourage newcomers, new members and those whose financial plans become settled to provide Pledges at any point throughout the year.

Your support for LAC through an annual pledge is greatly appreciated.  You can submit your pledge by completing the form below, or by contacting our Church Bookkeeper at ghaq@lacny.org or (914) 834-1800 ext. 310.   

2020 Pledge Card : Spirit of Participation

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Thank you for your commitment to support LAC's ministry and mission through your pledge.  Pledges by faithful and committed supporters such as you are essential to maintain LAC's programs at current levels and enable our officers and Trustees to plan the budget for the Church year.  Please complete the pledge card below.

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