About LAC

Chancel Choir

This choir is the backbone of our Music Ministry. We sing a wide variety of music from plainchant to modern gospel, and most everything in between. You may find a chorale by Bach one week, an English anthem by Bairstow the next week, and a traditional Spiritual the week after that. A number of times each year we are accompanied by our orchestra, the Larchmont Symphonia.

We sing in Latin, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Hebrew, Luo, and who knows what else in the future. We look to the musical expressions of faith of many cultures in our desire to offer our best to the glory of God.

Our four excellent section leaders blend with our choir but also provide solos when called for, both within a choral anthem and on their own.

We rehearse each Wednesday evening from 7:45 to 9:15, and meet each Sunday morning at 9:00 to prepare for 10:00 worship. The commitment is serious, but the spiritual and intellectual nourishment is worth it, as is the simple joy of creating something beautiful each week at worship.

No music-reading ability is required and there is no audition, but we do request a short private meeting with Douglas Kostner, LAC's Director of Music Ministry, to determine your proper voice placement.

Last Published: November 30, 2018 2:11 PM