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Are you interested in becoming a member of LAC?  Would you like to know more about the process of joining?  Here is how it works:

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LAC’s mission statement shows the consistent movement of our community from welcoming people in, to growing people in faith, to sending people out in mission.  The new member/inquirer process at LAC is all about the welcome in.  Whether you are interested in full membership at LAC or simple friendly affiliation we offer a four-pronged process in the Fall and Spring of the year.  This process is focused on welcoming people into our community, discerning where a person is in his/her faith journey, and then integrating them most comfortably into the congregation. 

STEP ONE:  Visit LAC during worship and express an interest in membership on the “Get Connected” card.

STEP TWO:  Attend a biannual Membership Luncheon designed to build relationships with others looking at membership, while learning more about LAC and the Presbyterian denomination.

STEP THREE:  Express a continued desire to become a member, which will signal one of the pastoral staff to visit personally with you.

STEP FOUR:  Meet with the governing body of LAC (called the Session) in order to be officially welcomed into the life of the church.  On the same day you will be introduced to the congregation during worship.

We believe membership is the best option because it comes with all the benefits of knowing for certain you are a part of something very valuable and important – namely Christian Community.  The choice to join is a choice to be responsible and committed to growing “…a community of Christ of all ages.”

For more information, contact Rev. Elizabeth Smith-Bartlett at esmithbartlett@lacny.org, or leave a message with Rev. Ellen Clark Clemot at eclemot@lacny.org  or  914-834-1800 ext. 308.

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