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Planned Gifts: The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society

We all, regardless of age, consider the legacies we wish to leave to our families, loved ones and the institutions we value.   Bequests, charitable trusts and other planned gifts can play an important role in the life of Larchmont Avenue Church and ensure that it will continue to meet its important mission in the future. 

In addition, a planned gift can help advance your own financial, philanthropic and estate planning goals.  Planned gifts can give back to you income, capital gains, or estate tax savings.  Some can provide income for you or loved ones for life.  And the financial advantages often allow a gift more generous than you imagined, letting you leave a legacy that reflects your goals and values. 

We have formed The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society as a way of honoring those who include Larchmont Avenue Church in their gift and estate plans.  Named for Emily Lindsley whose vision and commitment led to the founding of this Church, the Society provides an opportunity to record the intent of our donors and a means to express our appreciation for their generosity.  

Membership involves no obligations or solicitations but is offered to recognize you for the plans you have made to support the ministries and programs of Larchmont Avenue Church.  Your participation helps to inspire generosity in others.   Anyone can become a member of the Legacy Society, regardless of amount committed. Spouses of donors are automatically included as Legacy Society members.

To join The Emily Lindsley Legacy society, please fill out the online membership form below or click here for printable form.  If you are interested in discussing leaving Larchmont Avenue Church in your estate plans or for information about The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society recognizing long term gifts to LAC, please contact our Church Bookkeeper Gloria Haq at 914-834-1800 ext. 310 or ghaq@lacny.org, and a member of our Planned Giving Committee will contact you.  Information concerning numerous planned giving strategies that may suit your current needs or estate objectives can also be found here.

Emily Lindsley Legacy Society Membership Form

The Emily Lindsley Legacy Society recognizes members who have made a commitment in their estate plan to provide enduring support for Larchmont Avenue Church and its ministry to future generations.

As evidence of our/my desire to provide a planned gift in support of Larchmont Avenue Church, we/I hereby inform the church that we/I have made a provision for a planned gift. We/I understand that this commitment is revocable and can be modified by us/me at any time. 

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